About Us

Kankim Kimya

Çağkan Kankim Kimya Ltd. Şti., which was founded in 1996 by experienced and experts in the field, has acted with the consciousness of being the only address of quality since its inception and has formed its team in this direction. Innovative and dynamic principles continue to work in its entirety.

Çağkan Kankim Kimya Ltd. Şti., which has a long history in its sector, is one of the most effective and reliable companies in the sales and supply of chemicals, solvent raw materials. Our company, which has been improving itself day by day since its establishment, has not limited its product range with solvents but has continued to be beneficial to the sector by adding new products to its production portfolio.

In order to create supply in the face of recent demands and reach to the end-user, our corporation also decided to produce basic industrial technical products, yacht and ship chemicals, hygiene-cleaning products, car care products, aerosols (mold preservatives and cleaners). The product and semi-finished product production base were established by Adakan Endüstriyel Kimya ve Denizcilik A.Ş. has formed within our company. With this, we have gathered all corporations under the roof of ADAKAN GROUP.

As Çağkan Kankim Kimya Ltd. Şti., we act with an innovative perspective and transfer all the quality we have to our products. We offer our products with the capability to reach the end consumer, and we develop ourselves every day to maintain our high-quality product awareness.

Aiming at customer satisfaction and continuity, our company serves you with advanced technology and an advanced work team. We are proud to see you among us with our customer satisfaction and solution-oriented working principle.

With Our Best Regards,

Çağkan Kankim Kimya Ltd.Şti.

Our Mission

Çağkan Kankim Kimya Ltd. Şti. serves with the principles of providing quality products, producing alternative solutions to demands, keeping control and control until the planning, production and finalization stages and contributing to the whole process.

Çağkan Kankim Kimya Ltd. Şti. is improving its structure day by day. It presents the quality of its knowledge and experience to its customers with its integrated understanding of technological opportunities. It acts with approaches that produce continuous solutions, guide, selective and appropriate for the purpose of the sector.

Our Vision

The main objective of our company is to provide its experience gained since 1996 with its professional service staff, production approach appropriate to the age, technological and innovative structure to widest masses as much as it can and can make a great contribution to the sector.

Çağkan Kankim Kimya Ltd. Şti. will continue its path as a leader organization that will see the trust, corporateism and sincerity of everyone who wants to reach the target with its professional perspective and solution partners.