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Çağkan Kankim Chemistry, part of ADAKAN Group of companies founded in 1996. The group are industry experts providing extensive range of high quality chemical products for industrial and technical solutions. The company operates in all phases of the product life cycle from manufacturing to distribution.

POLIMOLE is the registered brand ; but  the company also do Private labels. In our 1500 square meter production site our  daily capacity for; Private label packaging is 60 ton. Daily storage capacity is 100 ton. Our business is research driven and inovation focused based on green chemistry thinking. Our solutions contribute to a cleaner enviorenment. We work on the projects to regenerate nature. It is our priority to preserve the planets resources for future generations. 


Water scarcity caused by gloabal warming affects the whole gloabe and is on the rise. The lawn of the front yard, greenbelt of the hotels and holiday resorts, public geens,  football ground, goalf course, etc are all needed to be watered to keep the green colour of the grass. The frequent irrigation is not sustainable at all.   The solution to reduce water consumption by up to a quarter is our inovation product- ECOLOR.  

New Generation Grass

We are proud to launch ECOLOR. It is not artificial material, not chemical. It is new way to colour plants; The product has no toxicity to human health and enviorenment. After ECOLOR there will be no need to water the lawn everyday for flawless finish. Easy to use. All you need to do is splashing the product as it is shown on the video.

ecolor Application

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